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Why Bamboo?

Why BAMBOO fabric?

You may have seen recently that it is trendy to wear clothes made of bamboo. Bamboo fiber is becoming more and more available on the market and is due to its eco friendly properties. Not only is it softer than silk, making it one of the most comfortable materials you and your kids will ever wear.


5 advantages of wearing bamboo fabric:


1. Bamboo is an ultra-soft fabric

Bamboo fabric is luxuriously soft, so soft that it feels like it lightly floats on your skin. This is due to the smooth round structure of the bamboo fiber, which has no sharp or rough elements that could cause irritation.

2. Bamboo clothing is breathable and moisture wicking.

Bamboo fabric offers excellent breathability thanks to microscopic holes in the fiber and feels fresh longer. Bamboo fiber helps keep your skin comfortable and dry by wicking moisture from your skin more quickly. This makes bamboo perfect for active babies and kids as it is much more breathable than cotton.

3. Bamboo is good for hot weather

The thermoregulatory properties of bamboo fabric help keep you cool when the weather gets hot. The breathable and moisture wicking nature of the material allows for ultimate comfort on hot days. So yes, that bamboo shirt will keep you cooler than a cotton alternative.

4. Bamboo is anti-bacterial & hypoallergenic

Bamboo fabric is supposedly anti-bacterial, meaning that your top will stay fresh for longer as the fiber helps fight odors. Naturally bamboo is also hypoallergenic making it perfect for sensitive and eczema prone skin.

5. Bamboo offers UV protection

Why Bamboo?